New Game Review- Titanfall

Guess who’s not dead! No, not Sherlock. Well, I guess that’s still true, but that’s not what I’m talking about. In short, look! I’m back … again. Hopefully this’ll be a more permanent return. At any rate, I must admit that Titanfall (which Matt Lees has unfortunately caused me to dub Titanvil) wasn’t really on my radar until about a month ago. I saw it at E3 last year and thought, “eh, Call of Duty with Gundams”. Boy, was I wrong. Titanfall’s beta genuinely surprised me, in part because it was astoundingly fun, and in part because it was an effort made by EA that was astoundingly fun. Needless to say, I was pretty quick to hop on the bandwagon because, hey, if EA’s making something that isn’t crappy, they deserve to be supported for it! I guess! Continue reading

Cheddarface Messed Up! (Or, Full Games of the Year List)

Since I wrote up all of my games of the year, I realized there were three that I left out! Those three are Rogue Legacy, Monaco, and Shin Megami Tensei IV (which I didn’t really forget about, but I’ve been impressed with it since I got it for Christmas). Since I couldn’t stand to have any absences in my list, it’s now going to extend to thirteen. Here’s the full list, complete with write-ups and pretty pictures. The other posts about my games of the year will be going down after the time of this entry’s posting. Continue reading

PS3 Game Review: Injustice- Gods Among Us

Fighting games have never been my forte, and I think the only one I really ever dabbled in was Super Smash Bros., which doesn’t really count given its non-traditional nature. When I heard about Injustice last year I was excited, as the DC comics have been continuously misrepresented in the video game world but for the Batman Arkham games. I got it the day it came out, and both online and off, it’s a blast to play and is a good introductory game to the genre. Continue reading

3DS Game Review: Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing on the GameCube was a surreal experience. My male self found the game to be somewhat dull, or at least bland as far as video games are concerned, but there was an undeniable and strange allure to selling cherries to that sardonic raccoon in order to make your house slightly bigger. A strange experience for sure, and not one I ever necessarily understood. I recently picked up a copy of New Leaf for my sister’s birthday, and decided to buy one for myself. Needless to say, Animal Crossing is still just as surreal of an experience as it was 12 years ago, and while I’m still a little unsure as to what the purpose of the experience is (and still a little pissed off at Tom Nook), it’s an undoubtedly enjoyable game. Continue reading

OUYA Review

The prospect of an Android gaming system is certainly an interesting one. While I’ve become rather fond of those types of mobile games on my iPad, the only real taste of playing them on the big screen has come through my Apple TV, and even then, it’s very restricted. I preordered the OUYA on a whim in April and didn’t know what to expect. That said, while the OUYA is not the best game console I’ve ever had, for the $100 dollar price tag, it’s not a bad expenditure. That is, if you can get past the DRM.
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New Game Review: The Last of Us

When I got the PS3 over the Xbox 360, there was really only one reason: I liked the exclusives better. Games like Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, and inFamous suited my tastes more than the likes of Halo and Gears of War, and as such the choice was obvious. Since I’ve had it, the PS3 has also thrown some fantastic exclusives I hadn’t expected at me, most notably of which is Journey. However, no PS3 exclusive, in fact, no PS3 game, period, could match the beauty, storytelling, or gameplay prowess of The Last of Us.
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PC Game Review: Far Cry 3

There’s not really a clever intro I can put into this review. I’ve been going back and forth about buying this game for a while, but I finally caved this Thursday, and I’m really glad I did, because this game is awesome. That’s all. That’s it. That’s all you get.

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Quick Review: Civilization V

I have memories of playing Civilization III a long time ago, with my sisters on a laptop that could only be referred to by names from the Triassic era by today’s standards. Regardless, I thought the game was really fun then and had been interested in the series for a while when I bought Civ V. Needless to say, a lot about the series has changed, but all for the better. This strategy classic from Sid Meier still never fails to please and its challenges and multiple paths to victory still manage to take hold of me just about every other weekend.

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