Movin’ On

Let’s face it, reader. This place is a sad excuse for a place. That sentence was a sad excuse for a sentence. Gone Home is a sad excuse for a video game. These are just truths that we have to deal with.

I’ve decided to pack up, and move on with my life. Effective immediately, ol’ MAASOO won’t have any more posts on it. I appreciated being able to mess around with it, but the fact of the matter is I was never going to be able to get back to being as enthusiastic about it as I was when I started it over four years and 170 posts ago.

Which isn’t to say I’m giving up, or getting rid of it. Quite the contrary. I’m rebooting. Even the best Doctors must regenerate (I’m looking at you, Tom Baker), and as such I’m going to start a new WP blog on which I can give myself a new start.

This one’ll still be here for your pleasure (read: continued torment), but I thought this was the best way to do it. New URL, new design, new ideas. Theoretically, this’ll stay here as a fossil until the person footing the bill for the domain (my loving father) pulls the plug. Which really won’t be a travesty, because, to be honest, this stuff was never that great.

Which is part of the reason I’m starting over. This way, ideally, when I look back over my backlog, I won’t be disgusted by my vapid writing, and will be able to say, insightfully, “heh.”

So, there’s the rub. Head on over to (snappy, huh?) and enjoy the show. Thanks for hanging out.

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